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My platform is not complicated - and being your City Councillor shouldn’t be complicated either.  

I have spent the last several years, advocating City Council as a private citizen – fighting for engaged and transparent community development. My campaign platform has been developed based on community feedback and many years of working with the people at City Hall.  


Transparency and Community Engagement 

I believe that the evolution of our City should start at the community level, and current planning documents have had inadequate input from the communities they impact. Calgarians should not be left to feel like the opinions they give during community engagements are simply being heard to check a box when the decision has already been made.   

I will host a community hall with both in person and virtual attendance options at a Ward 8 Community Center once per month where I will openly discuss current community concerns and discuss City initiatives and projects that are coming up that deserve community feedback.  

I will also have uninterrupted hours each week dedicated to taking phone calls and meeting with community members who want to share their thoughts.  

I recognize that closed door meetings are necessary when discussing confidential topics like land sales or employee compensation, however, the number and sheer volume of time spent behind closed doors seems excessive. I will petition to have a specific set of guidelines created and made publicly available to determine whether or not closed-door meetings are justified.  




Accountability and Respect 

I will advocate that City Council holds a community town hall twice per year inside the communities (aka outside of the four walls of City Hall). An opportunity for open and honest dialogue between residents and their elected council.  

I will also advocate for Two Term - City Council Term Limits. I believe that each elected official brings with them their own set of skills and business experience that uniquely benefits our city. Keeping City Councillors past two terms is a disservice to our communities that only benefits the pension plans of those seeking to be a career politician. I will also work to increase the level of professionalism and decorum amongst my Council Colleagues. 


Financial Leadership 

I am a firm believer that sending more people with real life business experience into City Hall will mean that after years of tax increases, your hard-earned tax dollars will be spent wisely on the things that matter most to you. 

I have spent many hours looking over publicly available documents on the City of Calgary budget. Even without the benefit of detailed financial conversations with administration to understand the nuances of these line items I believe there is a number of opportunities to manage our money frugally.  

I have listed some of my questions below and will continue to update this list as I discover what I believe are further opportunities. I am not sure if: 

  •  a million dollars per day on communication is a good value  
  • 75 lawyers in the law department are necessary 
  • The human resources budget increasing from 30% to 50% of the overall budget in the last 12 years  


As this campaign goes on, so will my list of Initiatives, and Campaign platform. Let’s continue to develop this - together, so we create an engaged City – together. 


Paul Bergmann


As a father, volunteer, local business owner and life long Calgarian I believe it is time for our tax dollars to be managed more effectively.