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Paul Bergmann for Ward 8
Working hard to earn your vote

» Father, volunteer, life long Calgarian
» Western Canada High School graduate
» Active supporter of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and BILD Calgary
» Inner City Advisory Committee member since 2016
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Calgarians deserve a City Council that has a clear and strategic vision for a prosperous future. That starts with you.


Transparency & Community Engagement

Over the past year, I have been engaging with community associations and members around the city about the Guidebook for Great Communities and Local Area Plans. I believe that city development should start at the community level and current planning documents have had inadequate input from the communities they impact. Calgarians should not be left to feel like the opinions they provide during community engagements are simply being heard to check a box when the decision has already been made.  

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Accountability & Respect

Aggressive tax increases, low value for taxes paid, and a dysfunctional City Council that spends more time fighting each other than they do fighting for you.

As your elected City Councillor I will be accountable to the residents of Ward 8. This means I will have a duty to represent you and your concerns honestly and respectfully. I also believe it's my responsibility to be respectful of my fellow Council members. Calgarians should have leaders that work together to make Calgary thrive.


Financial Leadership

It is time for City Council to stop using tax increases as a fall back for poor budget planning. It is time for City Council to spend responsibly.

Our city budget needs careful and resourceful management, and revised fiscal policies that encourage economic growth. We must move forward on a path of fiscal responsibility without sacrificing the services we all depend on.


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