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One of the most consistent concerns I hear about from Ward 8 citizens is their concern about crime and safety. From Park Hill in the east to Rosscarrock in the west, I hear time and time again about cars being broken into, bikes being stolen, and people being upset, angry, and scared as a result. 


Part of the problem is that we're just a big city. As we get bigger it becomes harder to maintain the feeling of community that we once had as a small city. People are disconnected and as a result some people feel less responsibility.  


However, another reason we have such high crime statistics in Ward 8 is because of our LRT. We have an LRT line on both the east and north boundaries of our ward, and that LRT is not always used for its intended purpose. Sometimes it's use is for more nefarious purposes.  


The police have taken to calling the LRT ‘crime corridors’. This is because it allows the easy transportation of some of the folks in our city to get into the suburbs in a much easier fashion. As a result, Crime statistics in many of the neighbourhoods adjoining the LRT have risen. 


These days, we are all struggling. Whether it be the effects of the economic downturn, or the result of covid-19, people are finding it harder to make ends meet. As a result, some people, out of desperation, are tempted by criminal acts; most are desperate. 


Crime and safety is a universal concern across all Calgarians, not just those in Ward 8. I believe we need to do more to support those vulnerable individuals to help reduce our crime along the ‘crime corridors’. 


What do you think the solution is? I believe solutions to these sorts of problems come from the Community. I would love to hear from you so we can create a solution to this issue together – as a Community. 


Please join me on October 18th to Vote for a Better City, with better support for those struggling - and to help clean up crime along our crime corridors. 


Paul Bergmann


As a father, volunteer, local business owner and life long Calgarian I believe it is time for our tax dollars to be managed more effectively.