Paul Bergmann on 17th Avenue in Calgary Ward 8

Born and raised in Calgary, I've spent the majority of my life living in Calgary's Ward 8. I am the proud father of two teenage boys who have also grown up going to school here.
After graduating from Western Canada High School, I went to the University of Western Ontario to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Economics with a minor in Business.
For the past 20 years, I have operated a successful home building company that has championed a number of community-focused initiatives like UniHouse, an affordable and luxury co-living space for university students, and Village Common, a shared living arrangement for young working Calgarians making the first move out on their own.
I feel strongly that city development should start at the community level. Over the past year, I have become increasingly more involved with spoken out against some of the more contentious City planning initiatives, actively engaging on including the Guidebook for Great Communities , the sale of Richmond Greens Park, and other local planning documents. I've been an active supporter of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and worked to help make the Development industry more Community friendly by sitting on BILD Calgary, serving on the Inner City Advisory Committee for the last five years.
As a volunteer for Social Venture Partners (SVP) I spent my time on the Board of Directors and Grant Committee, and helped raise and distribute over $100,000 to not-for-profit organizations. I've also spent many years in hockey arenas around the city, coaching and helping with my sons' hockey teams.
I believe that sending more people with private sector experience into City Hall will mean our tax dollars will be managed more efficiently.