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Paul Bergmann
for Calgary City Council Ward 8

» Chamber of Commerce member and BILD Calgary member for greater than 10 years
» Business Owner for 20 years, accumulating $220 million in sales
» University of Western Ontario, Economics Degree
» Father, volunteer, life long Calgarian

Get To Know Paul Bergmann


Calgarians deserve a cohesive vision with strategic planning from their City Council, and it starts with you.

Don't just hope for a better city, vote for one. 


Transparency & Community Engagement

I have been engaging with many community associations and community members about the “Guidebook for Greater Communities" and the Local Area Plans, which represent a massive change in approach for the re-development of our City’s residential communities. 

Want to know more – get in touch

Have an opinion? Share your thoughts and see how we will get back to the basics of what municipal governments really do.


Accountability & Respect

Aggressive tax increases, low value for taxes paid, and a dysfunctional City Council has caused a disheartening 47% approval rating. 

As your elected City Councillor it is my responsibility to be accountable to the residents of Ward 8, but also respectful of, and collaborative with, my fellow council members. Calgarians deserve the assurances that our leaders are working together to make Calgary thrive.


Financial Leadership

Our city budget needs creative and resourceful management, and revised fiscal policies that aid in our economic growth. It is time for our city council to stop using tax increases as a fall back for poor budget planning.

It is time to manage your tax dollars more effectively. 

  • Cut frivolous spending
  • Cut unnecessary construction
  • Improve road maintenance and snow removal 
  • Find real solutions to waste & recycling concerns